Thursday Thoughts: What Are Your Wellness Goals?

November 15, 2017 1:31 pm

What Are Your Wellness Goals?
By: Kelsea Dixon

With all the snow, freezing temperatures, and icy sidewalks, it has been hard to find the motivation to eat healthy and get moving this winter. I would much rather curl up on my couch with my dog and a cup of cocoa than go for a walk down the dark, slippery street after work. That is why I have begun reflecting on both my long term and short term wellness related goals in an effort to kickstart my new year.
Most of us have heard of creating a bucket list, right? You write down all the things you want to accomplish during your lifetime: Go to South America, ride an elephant, go skydiving. Recently I’ve discovered that we can put a spin on that and write down all of the things we want to do to make our minds, bodies, and spirits more healthy. This is called a Wellness Bucket List! Some of these may happen quickly, others may take a long time to a get checked off, and that’s okay!
So, what are the points of writing our goals down? Well, research shows that people who wrote down their goals, reflected on their importance, set action steps, talked to friends about them, and checked in on their progress regularly were 78% more likely to achieve the goals.** While you may not be ready to take all of these steps, writing the goals down is the very first step in this chain, and while you’re at it, you’ll probably accomplish reflecting on their importance, too. Even these can help your dreams seems more achievable. At the very least, seeing them on paper might give you the extra motivation you need when the winds are blowing and you don’t feel like going for a walk!
When I started creating my list, I wasn’t even sure what would be on it. Finally, I just started writing and soon the ideas were flowing! Keep in mind that your list does not have to focus exclusively on your physical wellness. Your mental and spiritual health is just as important!
Once you have your list, consider how you want to use it. I’ve decided that I’m going to post mine on the inside door of my closet so that when I get home from work and go to change into my pajamas, I’ll have a visual reminder of what I want for myself, and maybe this will help me put on my sneakers instead of my slippers.

I’m also going to share my list with all of you so that someone can hold me accountable! When you see me, don’t hesitate to remind me of my goals or tell me yours! Creating a system of support is important for achieving any goal! Good luck making your own list and I can’t wait to hear some of your ideas!