Thursday Thoughts: Community Baby Shower

January 11, 2018 11:42 am

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For many expecting mothers, having a baby is an exciting time to celebrate; but for those who do not have the resources and support needed, it can be an overwhelming experience. In order to support the mothers in our community, the Newport Health Equity Zone, a place-based initiative focusing on mitigating health disparity in the North End and Broadway neighborhoods, will be holding a Community Baby Shower. This event supports expecting and new mothers by providing them with resources as well as the companionship and advice that is so important during this time.

In the spirit of a traditional baby shower, this event connects parents with each other while offering educational presentations, resource tables, and some self-care to pamper our moms! We have received health and beauty donations by local organizations so our families can take home items that will help along the way. In addition to pampering chair massages, we will be raffling off additional items.

Light refreshments will be served.

Our Baby Shower will be held on Saturday January 20th (storm date January 27th) at Pell Elementary School in Newport, RI from 2pm-4pm.

NHEZ_Baby Shower