Fresh foods are unprocessed—no preservatives, no additives. This means they are more nutritious, delicious, and easier to digest.


Fresh foods are full of the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables help reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


Eating local means supporting your community. In addition to improving your local economy, when you eat local produce you are also protecting farmland and green spaces.

Access to affordable, healthy food is key to promoting good health.

Residents of the North End and Broadway Neighborhoods in Newport have expressed that limited transportation is a problem when shopping for healthy food. Grocery stores containing fresh, healthy and affordable foods are out of reach for many Newport residents. Because of this, only 19% of residents in the North End eat fruits and veggies more than once a day.

The Newport Health Equity Zone (HEZ) Fresh Zone initiative addresses this problem. By creating Fresh Zones in nearby corner stores, Newport residents will have easier access to fresh, affordable produce. From now on, when you see a sign for a Newport HEZ “Fresh Zone,” you will know instantly the food you see is fresh and healthy. Fresh Zone locations also frequently have locally grown foods, particularly at the North Side Community Market in the summer. For working adults, families, and seniors with limited mobility, this means shopping for fruits and vegetables just got easier.

Farmer’s Markets are another convenient place to shop fresh, healthy, and local. The Newport HEZ Fresh Zone initiative will increase visibility of local farmers markets so you never miss an opportunity to eat fresh. Look for Fresh Zone signs around town, or visit Newport HEZ on Facebook for updates on times and locations.

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Fresh Zone Locations


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